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30 Seconds To Healthier Hair

There is no doubt that your hair can be your best accessory. The crown we wear everyday as I like to call it. But, what about all the times your hair just doesn’t want to cooperate? No matter what you do it feels as if it is dry and hard to detangle.

Tip: *See your hairdresser asap for a proper deep condition and intervention* j/k.

I am here to share a salon secret with you I share with all of my guests that you can do at home every time you wash your hair….

Want to know the magic ingredient?

Here it goes…..water. Yes, water.

Water you say? How? Tell me more...

Let’s begin with some easy chemistry. Our hair structure is made up of three different parts. Cuticle, medulla, and cortex (no you don’t have to remember that but just bear with me here). One being the strongest which is our “cortex”. Think of a vortex, basically a place where all of the shenanigans we do to our hair goes down. The cuticle which is on the outer shell of the cortex is basically what protects it. Heat, chemicals and even the environment can have our hair feeling a little rough and that’s mainly because the cuticle (the outside of the hair shaft) is affected. This is how we can end up with split ends and rough texture.

Our hair cuticle is very similar to our pores, it reacts to different temperatures and it can “open” and “close”. Therefore, when we use warm water our hair cuticle “opens” allowing the shampoo to get in there and get a deep clean. Then, we apply conditioner…...but let me guess, most of you continue to use the same temperature when rinsing out your conditioner? Catch my drift?

When we apply conditioner after shampooing the secret it not to use the same warm water you started with but switch to cold water and I mean as cold as you can take and rinse for about 30 seconds. This is because you’ve opened the hair cuticle with warm water and now it is time to “close” it after applying the conditioner allowing your hair to absorb all of the nutrients from the conditioner.

Now, I know that rinsing your hair with cold water after taking a nice hot shower can be a pain but you will quickly see how soft your hair feels afterwards. It will become much easier to detangle and and dry less with less frizz.

This remedy can also be great for kids who have a hard time brushing out their hair after they wash it. Don’t always rely on the old school remedy of just cutting the little girls hair off because brushing it was a pain in the ass. Ha ha ha.

*Always make sure you are using the right salon products of course, it is important to understand what your hair needs and invest in it. I will be writing about the differences of drug store products and salon products in an upcoming blog, stay tuned*

As always, please feel free to comment, share the love with your friends and tag @luxecolorloft.

Stay Pretty :)


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