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Secret life of a hairdresser..

Whew! Seven years later and here we are! I am writing the introduction to my first blog post. Where did the time go? Have I really been in the beauty industry for that long? Am I really that old….LOL.

First, WELCOME to my page! My name is Sanita and I’m so excited to connect with you guys and share the ready to pop balloon of beauty information I refer to as my brain. I am a hairdresser + makeup artist in Jacksonville, FL. Most of my career was spent in South Florida and consisted of teaching at Paul Mitchell Schools and working events like Miami Swim week while being behind the chair (yes, I worked 5 jobs once upon a time and I am here to tell you….don’t ever follow in my footsteps) but this was simply because I truly love what I do. To use the word grateful is an understatement, I have met many wonderful artists along the way that have expanded my knowledge and I have been to more hair shows than I can count!

Basically a beauty junkie.

Here’s the truth. We as women….and men, can all be vain. At the end of the day when we look good we feel good. That’s the part I have fallen in love with in this industry. Making people realize their true beauty with a dust of magic...and help of balayage + lipstick of course...jk.

Side note: I just spelled balayage and Google wanted to change it to "Jambalaya" Ha! Balayage should be a word Google!

Any-who...I decided to start this blog for YOU guys. My blog has the same “open” door policy as my salon. I want to hear about your challenges, questions about your hair/makeup, or if you want to just share your opinions and experiences please feel free to comment.

I will be sharing tips you can do at home, trending styles, things your stylist wants you to know, how fashion and beauty connect, and more!

I can’t wait to put out content I know many of you can benefit from <3 As we continue on this journey together, please feel free to stay up date with latest content on my Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest as well—

Luxe Color Loft | @Luxecolorloft

Stay pretty :)


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